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Keystone Jack: Our AamberNet 10G–Augmented Category 6 UTP keystone jack delivers excellent headroom beyond 500MHz.
 AamberNet Structured Cabling Solution
A high quality end to end structured cabling solution featuring a complete range of Aambernet UTP/FTP LAN cables and Fiber Optic cables with their accessories respectively.

Aambernet Range of Networking Products delivers high quality designed and manufactured under strict quality assurance programmers and as per International Standards set by EIA/TIA /ANSI and ISO. Our cables and components integrate seamlessly into all wall plates, face plate and connectors.

Our services include 25 years performance warranty. All this combined together makes the Aambernet one of the best structured cabling system available nationally.

All our networking products are confirming to below standards:
ISO/IEC 11801-202
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