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Keystone Jack: Our AamberNet 10G–Augmented Category 6 UTP keystone jack delivers excellent headroom beyond 500MHz.
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Unshielded Twisted Pair CAT6A
Unshielded Twisted Pair CAT6
Unshielded Twisted Pair Enh. CAT5
Face Plate
Foil Twisted Pair CAT6
Foil Twisted Pair Enhanced CAT5
Tools & Accessories
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Tools & Blades
AamberNet highest quality tools are efficient for more precise, consistent terminations and are automatically triggered with a sample push. The spring loaded mechanism triggers the blade providing just the right amount of impact to proper wire seat and / or cut.
Useful either for 110 or Krone termination
Changeable plate system
Complies with the highest European standards and quality requirements
Tools & Testers
These tools are suitable for plant maintenance, field service or LAN installation. All tools are full-cycle, compound leverage and triple ratchet. Their frame is made of the European high grade, stamped hardened steel. Special design and ergonomics of the handles enables the installer easy and comfortable work.

Premium Line remote cable tester matches the needs for testing T568 A/B, 10 BaseT , 10 Base 2, 10 Base and Token Ring system and is suitable for both UTP and FTP cabling Open/ short wiring test. Connected wires display.
Open/ short wiring test
No connection / no termination indication
Wrong connection / non-parallel connection display
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