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Keystone Jack: Our AamberNet 10G–Augmented Category 6 UTP keystone jack delivers excellent headroom beyond 500MHz.
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AamberNet Advantage
 AamberNet Advantage
"The foundation of every business depends on the performance of its underlying network. Optimizing this network to support voice, video and data applications and creating a single converged network allows an enterprise to create powerful new methods to help it strengthen organizational performance and efficiency in several key dimensions," said Michael Jenkins, Director Network Integration, AT&T.

AamberNet configures products that cater to the precise needs of our customers and to equip them with the advantage of cutting-edge technology solutions. Our thrust on indigenous R&D enables us to meet this objective on a continuing basis.

Equipped with advanced tools and Design, Testing and Development, the R&D Center has a mandate to develop and engineer cost-effective, reliable and innovative access products. A team of professionals drives the R&D with vast experience in Networking, Cabling Solutions and Networking products.

Reliability: AamberNet range of networking products delivers high quality products designed and manufactured under strict quality assurance programmers and as per International standards set by EIA/TIA/ANSI and ISO, making AamberNet one of the most reliable structured cabling systems available nationally. AamberNet standards make way for a more consistent and reliable networking.

Innovative: Innovation in communications technology has brought about a wide range of Networking services and products into the market today, stimulating growth and, with it choice. To captivate today's customer in this increasingly competitive market, low prices and high quality is just not sufficient – it is about supplying customers with choices and freedom enabling technology designed to enrich their needs. AamberNet products are designed in an innovative way to satisfy customer's needs. AamberNet provides customized solutions according to the required customer demand.

Cost Effective: Organizations struggle with expensive networking infrastructure that drains the available resources and budget. AamberNet reduces the cost of acquiring and maintaining core networking infrastructure and shifts resources in a better cost-effective way to support the organization's priorities. AamberNet provides organizations of all sizes with a secure, flexible and cost-effective networking infrastructure.
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